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Hi, I am Diana Boettcher

Diana Boettcher

I was born in 1978 in Berlin where I grew up and still live today together with my husband and my two children. I myself have experienced many facets of the spectrum of relationship life: from being head over heels in love, flying high to cloud nine and getting married, to quarrels, separation and lovesickness, falling in love again, and more. Ups and downs every relationship includes, as women and men experience each day. Of course, every person gains his own experiences. However, my personal experiences help me understand my clients better and support them genuinely and empathically on their way out of the relationship crisis.

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Therapy forms

Classic couples therapy session

What is the couple therapy about? It is about analyzing your relationship intensively and understanding it in all its complexity.

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Power day

In the form of a power day I offer couples in a relationship crisis an intensive, efficient and individually tailored full-day training, which is composed of individual and couple conversations – entirely and exactly according to your wishes.

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Single session

Doing something for yourself always has an impact on the people around us, as well. Even when it comes to relationship issues, one as an individual can definitely induce, effect and change.

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In addition to the classic couples therapy, I also offer sexual counseling and separation counseling.


People who decide upon a couple therapy most commonly suffer from extremely serious problems. Many couples visiting my practice are already on the brink of separation, or have at least considered it. In such a situation, the first therapy session is a wonderful first step back to a loving togetherness as well as lasting levity and ease.


If the first twenty minutes of our session give you or me the impression that our cooperation is not working out or uncomfortable for some reason, we will stop without charging any costs.

Quick help

Couples in an acute relationship crisis generally need help as quickly as possible. Therefore, my office team is available almost 24/7 to answer your most urgent questions, to find the earliest possible appointment, or to arrange a therapy session immediately.


My counseling is always subject to absolute secrecy. When making an appointment, we take care to prevent overlappings in the waiting area to ensure highest possible discretion. Optionally, the consultation can take place at the phone or online, e.g. via Skype.

Pricing model

Single session Classic couples therapy session Power day
90 minutes 120 minutes 8 - 12 hours
150 € 200 € 1.000 €

Principally, the fee is to be paid in cash after the end of the session. Other payment methods may be arranged.

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Address – Practice Diana Boettcher

Schwedter Straße 23
10119 Berlin
+49 (030) 258 15 039

People in acute relationship crises generally need help as quickly as possible. Therefore, my office team is available almost 24/7. Thus, you can easily get answers to the most important questions, find the earliest possible appointment, or arrange a therapy session.

The practice is only a few minutes away from the subway station Senefelder Platz (U2) or the tram stop Schwedter Straße (tram 12 and M1).

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