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Commitment Anxiety – The Fear of Closeness

What is Commitment Anxiety? For most people, being an in a relationship is an important part of life. However, for some of us it is very difficult to open up to others and to enter relationships. Instead of feelings of happiness, the thought of a long-term relationship causes fears, stress or even panic. Such people […]

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Win Back Your Ex – How to Get Him or Her Back

In many cases, only after a separation do we become aware how special a beautiful love relationship is. The end of such a relationship can cause great heartache, remorse, and fear of loss. Therefore, singles often try to win back the ex-partner. But can this even work? Is there a specific strategy to follow? Are […]

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Overcoming Lovesickness – The 10 Best Tips Against Heartache

What Is Lovesickness? Whether it is unrequited love, a separation while being very much in love or after a long relationship, almost everyone knows how a broken heart feels. This condition is called lovesickness. When we become aware that our love is not reciprocated or when a great relationship is over, we suffer. We feel […]

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Are The Oscars Relationship Killers Or Is It All Just A Myth?

Receiving an Oscar is one of the highlights or even the highlight in an actor’s career, but does the joy of winning the award come with the risk of a relationship breakup? What I’m talking about here is also known as the “Oscar love curse” –  it’s when an actor’s relationship ends shortly after receiving […]

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